How to blur a photo on Samsung Galaxy S23 ULTRA

In this article, we will be sharing with you expert tips on how to artfully blur a photo using the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. While the previous versions of the Samsung operating system made this task straightforward, the latest Samsung camera app has added complexity. However, do not fret! With some practice and understanding of the new features, achieving the perfect 'bokeh' effect can be a breeze. This photographic technique deliberately blurs the background of the image, accentuating the main object and enhancing the overall aesthetic. We will cover both how to blur a photo directly with the S23 Ultra camera and how to use specific apps to achieve this effect. Additionally, we'll discuss how manipulating the distance from the object and the use of light can affect the degree of blur. While these changes may initially appear complex, they provide an opportunity to take your photography skills to new heights on the sleek Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. So sit back and enjoy our guide filled with authoritative advice on creating captivating photos with the perfect touch of blur.

But it’s head for the normal user understands and know. But don’t worry I will solve your question on How to blur a photo on Samsung Galaxy S23 ULTRA?

How to blur a photo on Samsung Galaxy S23 ULTRA

You will want to take a little more aesthetic shot on your Samsung Galaxy S23 ULTRA. The bokeh effect enhances the object, someone blurs the background. You have various solutions for blurring photos directly with the camera of your Android mobile or through an app.

The word bokeh comes from the Japanese word “bokeh”, which signifies the concept of fog. The bokeh effect is a photographic technique that gives the possibility to take a picture and create a background blur. If all goes well, the nozzle (object, face, etc.) will be sharp and the background will be blurred.


How to blur out part of a picture on Samsung S23 Ultra

Depending on the model, the strategy may vary slightly. Before you touch your camera settings, there are photo capture options for a blurry effect. Distance and light will greatly affect this vague effect. The closer you are to an object, the farther away the background is, the stronger this bokeh effect will be. Play with background lighting to enhance this bokeh effect.

Go to the camera of your Samsung Galaxy S23 ULTRA.
Click on Portrait at the menu level below
Select the small circle on the left that matches the blur mode.
Then select the bokeh effect option:

  • Studio lighting
  • Natural
  • Training
  • Movies
  • Rainbow
  • Shop
  • Points
  • Sheets
  • Place the object or person in the center and then focus on it. Everything that is going to happen around will be blurred.

Blur the background by using the camera app

You can go through apps that will allow you to have this blurring effect in the background automatically. You can also use Blur , after focus pro. Those apps are free to use and worked best for any photo for blurring.

What is the technique to blur the background of a photograph stored on your Samsung Galaxy S23 ULTRA?

In your Android gallery, you have pictures you want to blur. In this case, the technology is not the same for all the phones.

What is the technique for blurring the background of a photograph?


So, In this post, we have shown you guys with few easy and simple ways How to blur a photo on Samsung Galaxy S23 ULTRA? I hope the post was helpful full and don’t forget to live a comment in the comment section.

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